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The Executive Program for Cooperation in Higher Education
Between the Government of the Arab Republic of Egypt and the United Arab Emirates for the years 2016/2018
Who provides for the exchange of teachers to visit a number of universities and higher education institutions (302)
To give lectures and exchanges of experience in different scientific fields
Kuwait Foundation for the Advancement of Science (KFAS) invites Kuwaiti and Arab researchers and scientists
For the nomination of the Kuwait Award for 2017, which includes five areas of competition
- Chemistry
- applied Sciences
- education
- Comparative literature and literary translations
- Basic science and applied mathematics
Awarded a prize of 40 thousand dinars in each of the areas mentioned
Deadline for submission of the end of April 2017
Announcement of the Graduate Studies and Research Sector at Ain Shams University
     For the courses offered by the Summer Olympic Academy for university graduates and specialists and professor of universities in various fields
     During the period from 19 to 19 July 2017,
     For more details please check their sitehttp://olympiasummeracademy.org/
The Kazakh National Economy University for Cooperation and Partnership with Egyptian Universities and Research Centers offers a memorandum of understanding in the following fields:
- Economy and trade
- Statistics
-Business Management
-International Relations
-social science
The aim is to activate the exchange program and short summer classes